Professional Lab Coats by Blue Sky Co.

Professional Lab Coats by Blue Sky Co.

Your lab coat is one of the most essential garments you own, as someone who works in a medical or laboratory setting. It’s the protective barrier between you and harsh chemicals and substances. Here at  Blue Sky Co., we provide lab coats that offer these benefits- and more! Our lab coats are stylish and fresh, and our goal is for you to look professional while feeling comfortable and at ease. Let’s dive into the coats offered at Blue Sky Co. so you can make the best decision possible for your medical wardrobe!

Fresh Styles from Blue Sky Co.

At Blue Sky Co., we have two styles of lab coats. We offer the Bradford Twill, and Preston Twill coats that look equally as sleek and professional. But let’s thoroughly explore what these coats have to offer!

Bradford Twill & Preston Twill Lab Coats

Get ready and gear up to experience the most modern, exceptional fit and style with Blue Sky Co.’s Bradford and  Preston Twill lab coats. These coats are a beautiful, clinical white and feature a european style collar. They’re made of 100% cotton twill, and are miraculously soft! They’re also made to repel and release stains, something we love bragging about, and they offer three pockets total; you’ll have plenty of space to store your smartphone, notepad, etc within your coat’s chest and lower utility pockets.

What Do You Need in a Lab Coat?

Before purchasing your brand new lab coat, ask yourself what exactly you need. How many pockets do you need? What does your company’s dress code require of you? Do you need flexible fabric so that you can move around freely, or catch yourself during a slip? These questions (and more) are important to consider before making your final purchase.

We feel that you’ll find everything you need and more in our Preston and  Bradford Twill coats. Try one on and experience the most modern, comfortable design you’ve ever found!