Prints and Patterns for Days: Choose Your Favorite

Prints and Patterns for Days: Choose Your Favorite

Here at Blue Sky Co., we have numerous prints and patterns for scrub caps! We have patterns for both men and women, and we’re sure you’ll adore them. So let’s dive into a few of these prints and hopefully among them, you’ll find a favorite! Check out or new stretch scrubs

Fabulous Prints for Women

This Aquamarine solid scrub hat is perfect for our Classic Shelby scrubs in, you guessed it- aquamarine! It would also look great with Navy Blue, or Jet Black. If solids are your thing, you’re sure to love this cap.

Our beautiful scrub hats in this pattern, titled Cherry Sunshine, will certainly bring a smile to your patients’ faces. And hopefully yours, as well!

Daisy Confetti features an array of colorful daisies against a jet black background. The daisies really pop! Show off your personal, daisy-poppin’ style with this cap.

Handsome Scrub Hat Prints for Men

If you’re a fan of solids, this hat, in a beautiful Caribbean blue shade, is perfect for a set of Ceil Blue or Navy Blue scrubs.

Hall of Fame is a scrub hat pattern that’s fitting for any baseball lover or player! Several baseballs pop out against an off-white background; you’ll love it!

Double Brook Plaid is a pattern made up of midnight blue, jet black, and slate grey. It looks professional and sleek, and matches scrubs that are any shade of blue! Nothing says “fall,” like a new, plaid, scrub cap.

Blue Sky Co. strives to provide you with the most luxurious scrubwear around, and that includes all of the details, like prints and patterns! We hope you’ve enjoyed these beautiful patterns and- if you’re shopping, that we’ve helped you come to a final decision! Enjoy these scrub hats and more at Blue Sky Co..