Prevent Your Blue Sky Scrubs From Fading

Prevent Your Blue Sky Scrubs From Fading

With such a wide selection of scrubs, and such gorgeous, trendy patterns that we offer at Blue Sky Co., keeping your uniform from fading is essential! Despite our scrubs’ anti fade and wrinkle qualities, it’s still important to keep up with normal wear and tear. Below, we’ll provide some solid tips that will help you keep your medical uniforms looking great, and help them to last longer, too!

For Brand New Scrubs

When you first purchase a set of scrubs from Blue Sky Co., pre-treat them in the wash by washing them on the cold setting, and adding about half a cup of vinegar to the load to properly sanitize the fabric. This helps to preserve the colors on your scrubs.

Only Wash With Similar Colors

Just like your regular laundry, your medical scrubs need to be washed all together, and not mixed in with other clothing that could stain or discolor the fabric. This will also reduce the effect of fading.

Utilize the ‘Ol Hot Iron!

We know you hate ironing… just about everybody does! But when it comes to your scrubs, they deserve the best treatment, don’t they? Try ironing your scrubs when they’re fresh from the dryer. This will help your scrubs look sleek and professional, and keep the fabric in tip top shape.

Use Proper Detergent

Find a detergent you like which will help reduce fading. There are several different types out there on the market, it’s all about finding what suits you best!

If You Wear Perfume or Cologne…

If you wear any sort of fragrance to work, that’s no problem! Just try not to spray your cologne directly onto your scrub uniform. This can cause staining, fading, and discoloration. Instead, try spraying cologne on your undershirt, or on your Blue Sky vest or jacket. You’ll find that you’ll get the same effect, and your scrubs will continue looking fabulous