Prepare for Fall With Our Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket

Prepare for Fall With Our Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket

It’s trendy, it’s stylish, it’s made from Blue Sky Co…. so you know it’s good! Let us introduce you to our brand new Cameron Thermal Knit jacket! We can’t wait for you to try it on- or better yet, for you to explore our entire collection. Go ahead and do it here! We’re certain you’ll find everything you’re looking for and then some!

The Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket

Let’s start with this jacket’s fabrics. Our newest jacket is made out of 100% polyester; it’s movable, it’s flexible, and comfortable. It’s great for wearing into the workplace, or for bringing with you on the road! Talk about versatility! You’ll love wearing this thermal jacket to all kinds of events and occasions. No one has to know it’s part of your scrub uniform!

Pair it With…

This jacket is great for layering! It looks best paired with your scrubs, and will certainly keep you warm and cozy on your walks into work this fall. You’ll also be completely up to date with the style in scrubwear! Pair this jacket with your favorite scrubs, and wear it with pride. Your coworkers will all wonder where you found that jacket! Or at least, that’s the hope!

Pair this jacket with our stylish Technical scrubs and you’ll be well on your way to wardrobe success! We just love the look. But in all honesty, this jacket looks great with anything from our collection, so take your pick! What will it be?

Blue Sky Co. is always trying to find new ways to spice up your work wardrobe! We hope we’ve done it with this brand new versatile, comfortable jacket. But don’t forget, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we also offer customizable scrubs! Ultimately, we just want our customers to be as happy and comfortable in their work wardrobe as possible!