Pockets Galore: The Best Way to Keep Things With You in Medical Scrubs

Pockets Galore: The Best Way to Keep Things With You in Medical Scrubs

From our personal cell phones, work pagers or phones, to prescription pads, thermometers, among others- there are several things you need to have on you at all times as a medical professional. That’s why we prioritize pocket space here at Blue Sky Scrubs, because we know how handy it is to be able to keep everything you need with you- both for you and your patients.

Spacious Utility Pockets on  Blue Sky Scrubs

With our spacious utility pockets here at Blue Sky Scrubs, we make sure you have enough storage space throughout your scrub uniform. But don’t worry- we even give you customization options for your pockets!

Our Secret Pocket

We’ve even gone so far as to make a secret pocket in our scrub tops- a secret pocket for secret things- or, you know, just anything extra. It’s perfect for important items that you want to keep close to you, like wedding rings, engagement rings, or any other jewelry you may wear.

Let’s take a closer look at some of our luxurious scrubs:

Our Classic Shelby scrubs for women feature one, wide chest pocket on the top, stitched with white thread. The scrub bottoms include two pockets on the backside, so this outfit contains three pockets in total. And for the gentlemen, we have our incredible David scrubs which mimic these same pocket patterns.

Pockets on Blue Sky Co. Lab Coats

Because your layers don’t just stop with your medical scrubs, we’ve added the perfect pockets to our Blue Sky lab coats. Take a closer look at our lab coats and you’ll see that you have one chest pocket and two lower pockets- another total of three pockets!

For further customization just head on over to our customization page and change up those pockets or scrubs. For all other scrubs, scrub caps, and medical clothing and accessories, head to our website!