Plenty of Pockets on Blue Sky Scrubs

Plenty of Pockets on Blue Sky Scrubs

Do you have enough pocket space on your scrubs? At Blue Sky Co., we like to brag about the ample amount of space in our scrubs’ pockets! Let’s look at each popular style, and see how much space these scrubs have to offer!

Classic Shelby Scrubs

These classic scrubs will surely make you feel comfortable and at ease while at work. And what’s better? They feature a front utility pocket that’s uniquely outlined in our white designer stitching. The bottoms feature two lower utility pockets that are perfect for holding your keys, notepad, or cellphone.

Technical Scrubs

Our new line of Technical scrubs will blow you away! These outrageously comfortable scrubs feature a single chest pocket, and the bottoms have four pockets. That’s five pockets in total, making these scrubs your best bet when it comes to pocket space!

David Scrubs

Our classic David scrubs for men are much like the Shelby scrubs, in that they have three pockets total: one on the chest, and two on the bottoms. That should be plenty of space to hold your things, and let’s not forget about these scrubs’ phenomenal fit! The chest fits relaxed, but tapers down toward the bottom for ultimate comfort!

Lab Coats

When it comes to having enough pocket space, lab coats are a good way to go. They provide a whole new layer of pockets! Our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats both have one chest pocket and two lower utility pockets! Pair these coats with your favorite scrubs and you should be good to go!

Blue Sky Co. creates scrubwear that is modern, comfortable, sleek, and professional. Our scrubs will revamp your work wardrobe- and of course, provide you with more than enough pocket space to hold all of your daily essentials. Log on today to view the entire collection!