Plenty of Pockets and Then Some

Plenty of Pockets and Then Some

We know you have tons of gadgets and gizmos that you carry with you day in and day out! Those items certainly need a place to be stored! Luckily, at Blue Sky Co., you’ll find plenty of pocket space in your scrubs and then some. Let’s explore the different styles of scrubwear that we have available and how much pocket space they have to offer!

Classic Shelby and David Scrubs

On our Classic Shelby and David scrubs, you’ll find one chest pocket that’s perfect for storing pens, or pencils. You’ll also find two pockets on the back of the scrub pants- and of course, a secret pocket on the inside! That secret pocket is best for carrying jewelry or a house key!

Technical Scrubs

Next, we have our Emerson Technical top and its corresponding Riley Technical pants! With these scrubs paired together, you’ll have three total pockets for storing your gadgets: one chest pocket, and two front pockets on the pants! If that isn’t enough space, pair it with one of Bradford or Preston lab coats! There, you’ll find one chest pocket and two more lower utility pockets!

Cargo Scrubs

Here’s where we hit the motherlode of pockets! We obviously have saved the best for last. Let us introduce our new Cargo scrubs: complete with thirteen pockets when worn as a set! You’ll (hopefully) never run out of pocket space! There are pockets placed just about anywhere we could find a place!

So there you have it, friends! You’ll never have to worry about where to place your personal items while you’re wearing Blue Sky scrubs! And as always, feel free to check out the rest of our collection. There’s plenty more where these scrubs came from, just trust us! Go on and log online today; you won’t regret it! Check out our surgical caps too.