Plenty of Pocket Space in Stretch Blue Sky Scrubs

Plenty of Pocket Space in Stretch Blue Sky Scrubs

How many gadgets and gizmos do you carry to work with you? Do you have enough pocket space? Blue Sky fitted scrubs provide you with plenty of space; just let us show you! If you choose Blue Sky scrubs, you’re choosing the comfort of being able to carry your items with you- and the luxury of wearing quality, top-of-the-line scrubwear!

How many pockets are on…

Classic Scrubs for Women

Our Classic Shelby scrubs have four pockets total. There is one chest pocket, two back pockets on the pants, and of course our infamous secret pocket on the inside. That secret pocket is great for holding jewelry while you’re on the job!

Technical Scrubs

Technical scrubs are our most comfortable performance scrubs yet. They’re pretty much a blend between activewear and scrubwear (yes, they're that comfortable!)! They also have the most pockets, with one chest pocket, one secret pocket, and four pockets on the pants (front and back). They’re definitely made to help you out!

Grey Label Scrubs

Grey Label scrubs, made with a petite fit in mind, have three pockets total: one chest pocket for items like your stethoscope or cellphone, and two back pockets for your wallet or keys!

Lab Coats

Lab coats are a great way to add an extra layer of pockets to your scrub outfit! Our luxe lab coats add an additional three pockets to your uniform: one pocket on the chest, and two lower utility pockets.


Blue Sky Co. allows you to customize your scrubs! This includes pocket placement. You can choose where your pockets are placed; how’s that for customization?

There’s plenty of pocket space in Blue Sky scrubs! Log online today to our website, and explore our stunning collection of medical scrubwear and accessories. You’re certain to find something you either need or just have to have!