Plenty of Pocket Space in Blue Sky's New Cargo Scrubs

Plenty of Pocket Space in Blue Sky's New Cargo Scrubs

Here at Blue Sky Co., we love having plenty of pocket space to hold our personal items. That’s why we’re absolutely thrilled to introduce to you our new Piper Cargo scrub top, and our Peyton Cargo scrub pants! Each piece has a remarkable amount of pocket space, but let’s take a look at the fine details of these beautiful scrubs.

Piper Cargo Scrub Tops

On our Piper Cargo scrub top, you’ll find not one, or two, but six pockets! There are five open pockets, and one zippered pocket for extra security. These scrubs are also made of featherlight, super stretchy fabric. Your comfort was definitely in mind when designing them! We’re certain you’ll love these scrub tops!

Peyton Cargo Scrub Bottoms

Pair the Piper top with the Peyton bottoms and you’ll have pocket space for days. A modern and stylish fit meets plenty of pocket space. These pants have seven pockets! You wanted it, and we heard your request. So now you can store virtually anything right on your person! Enjoy these scrubs, their pockets, and their super comfortable fabrics!

Layering Your Scrubs for More Pockets

We’re all about increasing pocket space here at Blue Sky Co.! Have you ever considered layering your scrubs with a professional, bright white lab coat? Or how about a softshell vest or jacket? Each piece comes with many pockets, and tons of storage space for your cell phone, stethoscope, prescription pad, what have you!

We love showing off our new products here at Blue Sky Co.. We sure hope you’ve enjoyed this blurb on our brand new cargo scrubs, and that maybe you’ve found a favorite among our collection! To view the rest of our scrubwear and scrub accessories, don’t forget to log online today! There, you’ll find everything you need for work and then some.