Picking A Hat To Accessorize Your Outfit

Here at Blue Sky Co., we now do more than just make scrubs, scrub pants, jackets and scrub caps. Now we make accessories too! If you’ve bought a scrub outfit from us, or you’re considering it, maybe it’ll help to know that you can pick out a stylish hat to top off any outfit for the perfect look, whether you’re in your scrubs at work, or outside of work just looking for a good way to accessorize yourself.

When you’re on the Blue Sky Co. website and you visit the Trucker Hats page, you’ll notice right away that there are a few different styles to choose from. So let’s go through these and figure out which would match your style the best. And keep in mind, all of our hats are one size but adjustable for your comfort. All of our hats have a seamless foam front panel with lining and a super soft jersey sweatband for extra comfort. All of our hats are made with a 100% polyester front and a 100% nylon mesh back!

Be Kind Style

There are two different “Be Kind” hats to choose from. The first is plain grey with a green patch on the front that says “Embrace Life, Promote Happiness” and in the center, “Be Kind”. The second hat has white front with a navy-blue back, navy-blue bill and blue patch with the same wording.

Good Times Style

There are also two choices for the Good Times style hat. They are both multi-colored with a red bill, white front and blue back. The only difference is the patch on the front which says “Good Times & Healing Vibes” On the first choice, the patch is green and black, and the second is blue, red and yellow.

Radiate Positivity Style

The Radiate Positivity hat comes with three selections. It can have a white front with a black bill and black back, or all navy blue. These two have the same patch, which says “Radiate Positivity” And has the design of a sunrise. The third option, which is all grey, has a pink patch.

Now that we’ve walked you through the options, we can’t wait to see which one you pick! Just visit the Trucker Hats page of our website!