Perfect Scrub Hats from Blue Sky Scrubs

Blue Sky Co. is recognized for creating cutting edge designs for medical scrubwear. But it’s not just scrubs that we give this design to; we also instill it in our lab coats, jackets, vests, and even scrub caps! Our uniquely fashioned scrub hats are all made to fit you perfectly, no matter your hairstyle. Below you’ll read all about them, and find the hat that suits you best! Our scrub hats will go perfect with our custom scrubs

The Pony

The Pony scrub hat is made to perfectly hold your ponytail in place, keeping your hair out of your way during your workday. How’s that for convenience?

The Poppy

The Poppy scrub hat fits as a bouffant cap, and suits any hairstyle. This makes it the most versatile out of all of our scrub hats!

The Pixie

And finally for women, the Pixie cap is perfect for short hair cuts, or pixie cuts. There’s a flap in the back that secures your hair and it fits all around comfortably!

Scrub Hats for Men

Our men’s scrub hats have a slim, sleek fit and are available in a wide variety of prints and solids, just like caps for women. Check out our men’s caps in these prints; you’re bound to find one you love: Bon Voyage,Hall of Fame, or a solid: Crimson Wine. Each print and pattern was specifically made for you!

Disposable Scrub Hats

Our disposable pixie scrub hats put a sophisticated spin on the traditional disposable caps! In fact, these caps are so much like the caps they’re modeled after that you may not be able to dispose of them, after all!

Blue Sky Co. is proud to bring you the most quality scrub caps out there, and in so many prints and patterns, as well! We hope by now that you’ve found the cap that suits you best!