Perfect outerwear for the cool temperatures

Perfect outerwear for the cool temperatures

We’re just about ready to jump into some warmer weather, but it seems like the temperatures are playing tricks on us right now. Throughout the mornings we’re hit with cool temperatures and chilly winds, but when it comes time for lunch- the day has completely turned around and we’re being scorched by the sun. What’s the best way to dress in this kind of weather? That’s what we’ve been asking ourselves- and especially in medical scrubs!  Blue Sky Co. has the perfect lightweight vests, hats, jackets, and undershirts designed for these cooler temperatures. Keep reading to learn more!

Undershirts  from Blue Sky Co.

Undershirts are a stylish, comfortable way to keep your body warmer during chillier mornings. We’ve now introduced our Heather Long-Sleeved Tees which are hooded! Designed for a comfortable fit, we just love how they’re styled online. They’re thin, not too heavy, and are perfect for the Austin-weather we’re all experiencing right now. No matter how you choose to wear your Blue Sky gear, you’ll look polished and professional- stylish, even!

Softshell Vests

Vests are another one of our favorite ways to add some warmth during the cold days. Instead of having to put on a heavy jacket that might make you too hot, throw on a lightweight vest to just add a thin extra layer over your scrubs! Available in colors such as eggplant, navy, black, and cream, the Kensington softshell vest is perfect for that brisk walk into work. Our vests are designed with a relaxed fit so you’ll be able to maintain your same pace at work and you’ll be more comfortable while you do it.

If you’re looking for more ideas to add extra layers when it gets a little chilly outside, head on over to our website and poke around. We hope you find something you’ll love- and maybe even add it to your wardrobe!