Our Perfect Sadie Scrub Top

Our Perfect Sadie Scrub Top

Have you heard about Blue Sky Co.’s perfect Sadie Tunic scrub top yet? If you haven’t, read closely, because it could very well become your new favorite scrub top. We’ll tell you all about it and even show you what to pair it with- stay tuned!

The Sadie Tunic Scrub Top

This comfy, relaxed-fitting, medleisure scrub top covers all of the right places. Just like a tunic top, it hangs lower in the back for extra coverage and style. It’s constructed completely from our medleisure fabric that you’re bound to fall for just like we did. If you want specifics, it’s made of 94% polyester and 6% spandex; doesn’t that sound comfortable? This lightweight, super stretchy tunic top is exactly what you need in your wardrobe.

Pair it With…

So now that you’re sold on the Sadie top, you may be wondering what you should pair it with! Well, we suppose it depends on what exactly you need out of your scrubwear. Do you need plenty of pocket space? Then ladies, pair this top with our Peyton Cargo scrub pants. You’ll never run out of room. And if you’re looking for a more simplistic look, our Simple scrub pants or even Luna scrub leggings would work as well.

What to Expect from Blue Sky Co.

When you choose Blue Sky Co. over other brands, not only are we tremendously flattered, but we’re happy for you. You’re choosing quality scrubwear and even better customer service. You just can’t beat it, friends. So head on over to scoop up our Sadie Tunic scrub top, and view the rest of our beautiful collection!

Like we mentioned before: you’re getting great medical scrubs, with quality customer service taboot! What are you waiting for? It looks like a shopping trip is in your future!