Ordering for Large Groups: Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Hey hospitals and medical facilities, we’re looking at you! Do you order your medical scrubs in bulk? That’s great! We certainly understand why you do it, and here at Blue Sky Co., we’re happy to help you do it. Let’s take a look at the process of group ordering medical scrubs from Blue Sky Co.! Because, let’s face it, when you have large groups, sometimes it’s just easier this way!

Why Place a Group Order?

The first and foremost reason a hospital or medical facility would place a group order is for convenience. It’s far easier to place a bulk order than order scrubs individually! It’s also far more cost-efficient to place group orders. With Blue Sky Co., if you order a minimum of 15 scrub sets, we’ll be happy to offer you a discounted rate! Just say the word and we’ll get started.

Group Ordering: The Blue Sky Co. Way

So, how does this whole process work? Well it works quite wonderfully. We make it simple and effortless for our customers! To ensure the process runs smoothly, we assign a Corporate Account Specialist to your group. If you’re ready to place a group order through Blue Sky Co., you’ll first need to download and complete our Bulk Order Form. It can be accessed by clicking the link above! Then you’ll need to either email the form to info@blueskyscrubs.com or fax the form to (512)-519-2408. Finally, Blue Sky Co. will take care of the rest of the process for you! How nice is that?

So you see, here at Blue Sky Co. we just want everything to be simple and easy for our customers. That’s why we assign the Account Specialist and walk you through the entire process of group ordering. When you do it the Blue Sky way, everything will go as planned. Better than that, even!