Old Scrubs? Here's How to Recycle ThemAC

Old Scrubs? Here's How to Recycle Them

We love our Blue Sky scrubsand wish they could last ages. And while they are made to be durable and long-lasting, nothing lasts forever! But who’s to say you can’t keep your old scrubs around for a rainy day? Or for the following activities! Have fun recycling your scrubs!

Cleaning Day

Are you cleaning with bleach, or other chemicals that may stain or discolor your clothing? Well, that’s not a problem if you’re wearing a pair of discarded scrubs, is it? Old scrubs are perfect for chore day! Not only do you protect your regular clothes from stains, but you also prevent wear and tear, and literal tears, too!

Lawn Day

Finally, no more grass-stained pants! Only grass-stained scrubs, and that’s okay as long as they’re retired! Retired scrubs work great for lawn day when you don’t want to get grass, mud, or dirt on your street clothes.

Bathing the Pets

Wear a pair of scrubs over your regular clothes while you’re bathing your pets, and you’ll stay perfectly clean and dry! You could also stash your dog’s toothbrush, toothpaste, and brush in the spacious pockets of a pair of retired Blue Sky scrubs! That’s what they’re there for!

Arts and Crafts, DIY Projects

Use old scrubs for when you’re doing any kind of craft or DIY project! They’ll protect you from the craziness of glitter, glue, and everything messy! They’ll keep your normal clothes clean and safe from stains, as well.

Interior Decorating

Have you decided those living room walls should be a different shade? Well, while you’re painting them, why not don a pair of old, retired scrubs?

Blue Sky Co. is proud of what we create, and we’re even more delighted to share it with you. Head to our website to view our collection of stunning, wardrobe-changing medical scrubs!