New Year, Same Scrubs- Making Scrubs that Last!

There are a lot of New Year’s resolutions we’ll all make -- like; eat more leafy greens and less Taco Bell, cross more places off of your adventure bucket list, use that gym membership you bought, well, last New Year’s, etc. You get the picture. So while we all make a list of goals with the New Year, this time around you’ll want to add “invest in high-quality medical scrubs” to the list. For the best scrubs store on the internet please click here

Then, with our handy guide to keeping your scrubs clean, you’ll be sure to have comfortable and long lasting medical clothing year after year!

Wear Them When You Need To (But Not When You Don’t)

The first step to making your scrubs last is to wear them only when necessary (unless, of course, it’s one of those places where you want to wear your scrubs). It can be so tempting to wear your scrubs right out of work to wherever life takes you. We’ve all been caught at the grocery store, running errands, and even hitting up the occasional happy hour still donning our medical blues.

While it might seem like a hassle to change in and out of your scrubs for these occasions, it’s sure to keep your scrubs from getting additional (and unnecessary) wear and tear.

Clean Them Properly

If you want your scrubs to not only last a long time, but always look their best, you must clean them properly no “ifs” “ands” or “buts.” Don’t worry - we blog about proper scrub-cleaning techniques, too!

Dry Them The Right Way

Now, while cleaning them correctly is important, drying them correctly is the cherry on top of the “clean scrub sundae.”

To keep the fabric like-new, the best way to dry your scrubs is by hanging them up. But, while that can seem unrealistic for someone as busy as a medical professional, there are other options - like that low-heat, tumble option on your dryer!

Trust us, it’s perfect for that put-together, wrinkle-free look.

Store Them Properly

Finally, when you’re not wearing your scrubs make sure to store them in clean plastic bags. This will keep the germs and the wrinkles out and keep them looking good year after year! For the finest scrubs for women visit blue sky scrubs/