New Year, New Scrubs

New Year, New Scrubs

The New Year arrives with an abundance of novelty: new schedules, new resolutions, and- at Blue Sky- new work wardrobes!

We pride ourselves on the quality of our medical scrubs. We create work uniforms that are equally as durable as they are fashionable. And we know that if you’re in this for the long haul, then you’ll always need a supply of reliable medical scrubs. So as the New Year approaches, let us share a few tips for purchasing scrubs, that we hope will make the process easier!

Buy Your Favorites

Sure, the new year is about fresh starts, but in some cases, it’s okay to fall back on old favorites! By now, you’ve likely purchased your fair share of ill-fitting scrubs, have thrown away enough pairs of stained, torn uniforms, and have wasted more than enough money!

Shopping is simpler when you’re following a routine.

...Or Change it Up!

Some of us are creatures of habit, and some of us prefer a steady flow of change!

You also have the option to do both! Divide your order into two sections: sets of scrubs that you know you love, and other sets which you’ve never tried before. Whether you’re revamping the cut and design, pattern, or color scheme, Blue Sky Co. will help you to find scrubs that fit you perfectly.

All of our scrubs are customizable. Choose from varying fits, inseam lengths, and patterns- until you’ve found your ideal uniform.

Ordering In Bulk

When you’ve finally found the scrubs of your dreams, one of the best investments you can make is ordering them in bulk. Ordering in bulk is both cost-efficient and- well, life-efficient!

If you don’t need quite so many scrubs, consider organizing a group order for your department. So  click here for blue sky scrubs.

Visit our website today to view our luxurious collection, or to place your New Year’s order of new scrubs!