New Marble-Patterned Scrub Caps

New Marble-Patterned Scrub Caps

They’re brand new, and they’re available in all of our ladies’ scrub caps: new marble designs! You’ll have to follow all of the links, because we think once you see them, you’ll really love them. At Blue Sky Co. we’re always trying to mix things up and keep it interesting! Let’s explore these patterns together. Here are four great ones!

Nordic Grey

It’s different. It’s modern. And it’s stylish. This pattern is all of this, without losing a hint of professionalism (and the same goes for the rest of the patterns!). This wonderful marbled grey pattern is a piece of modern art, and you’ll love having that on your brand new scrub cap.

Stormy Night

Stormy Night is another one of our new marbled patterns that we know you’ll just love. Shades of dark, deep, blue and black swirl together to create what truly does remind one of a stormy night. If blue is your color, this one’s for you for sure. Pick up this pattern today!


This time, we have Pomegranate, where hues of red and pink come together. If you’re looking for an artful scrub cap, this one truly is. All of our marbled scrub cap patterns resemble modern pieces of art. It’s great! Think Pomegranate will be your favorite? Maybe so!


This mesmerizing pattern with various shades of rose will have you so excited! Rose looks great paired with a set of Jet Black Shelby scrubs, or even this Black Valentina softshell jacket! Stay warm this winter and head into work in style; you can do it all dressed in Blue Sky Co..

Head to our website right away to get your hands on these new scrub cap patterns! We truly hope we’ve helped you find your new favorite scrub cap! Have a happy shopping spree!