Need to Make a Return or Exchange?

Need to Make a Return or Exchange?

Sometimes our scrubs just don’t work out for us, and Blue Sky Co. totally understands that! That’s why we offer customized scrubs, and also why we make our return and exchange process incredibly easy for you! Don’t worry; we’ll explain more below:

Returns and Exchanges: 4 Easy Steps

We think we’ve done a great job at making this process easy for you. There are four simple steps to this process! First, you’ll need to fill out the return form that was included with your order. But don’t worry, if you’ve already thrown away the packaging, you can download one here. Step #2 is printing a UPS prepaid label, which can be found here! And yes, shipping is free on returns and exchanges! Step #3: Package your products in any packaging you have available, complete with your return form. What’s step #4? Easy. Drop off your package at any UPS drop off location! You’re done!

Policies for Returned Scrubs

You’re probably already expecting there to be some stipulations on returned scrubs. It’s okay; we’ll walk you through them. First, make sure you’re making your return or exchange within 30 days of your purchase! Customized or embroidered scrubs cannot be returned. And your scrubs need to be in “new,” condition, as they’ll be worn in clean, clinical environments.

Customized Scrubs Just For You

Now, to avoid the hassle of ever having to make a return or exchange (although… it is quite easy) you can always have a set of scrubs customized for you! You can alter almost anything: from inseam length, to top length, to pocket placement! It’s a great idea to have a set of scrubs made just for you.

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re always trying to make things easier and more convenient for you! We hope this guide has helped you to better understand our return and exchange policy!