Need More Space in Your Scrub Pockets?

Need More Space in Your Scrub Pockets?

Are you familiar with the following scenario? Your alarm clock fails, throwing your entire morning routine to the curb. Coffee and matching socks are the first to be sacrificed. But finally, when you’re escaping through the front door- you notice you’ve left your Kindle behind! Swiftly, you drop the device into your jacket pocket, salvaging your morning reading session.

We may not realize it, but pockets are an essential part of our everyday outfits (especially work uniforms)! They secure our gadgets, and warm our chilly or restless hands.

Blue Sky’s Softshell Jackets & Vests

The Chessington jacket by Blue Sky Co. is made with three pockets: two side pockets, and one bicep pocket. Bicep pockets are great for holding to-do lists, phone numbers, or even jewelry that you need to temporarily store. The Haddington jacket features both inverted zippered pockets, and a left chest security pocket!

If a jacket is too heavy for everyday wear, try a vest! Blue Sky’s Kensington vests are made to compliment your busy, active lifestyle. They’ll keep you warm, keep you moving, and keep up with your things- these vests feature two utility pockets.

Aside from their useful pockets, each of Blue Sky’s jackets are lined with microfleece to keep you warm, and are weather-resistant. Whether you need a jacket for the walk into work, or something to keep you warm in your chilly work environment, Blue Sky has you covered.

Lab Coats by Blue Sky Co.

We know that choosing the proper lab coat is no simple decision, but might we brag about our selection, just a bit? Blue Sky’s Bradford and Preston Twill Lab Coats are unbelievably soft, created with an elegant silhouette, and have three pockets! You’ll find one chest, and two utility pockets to hold all of your gadgets and necessities!

Whether you’re searching for the right size pockets in medical scrubs, jackets, or lab coats, we’re certain you’ll find what you’re looking for at Blue Sky Co.!