Need More Pockets At Work? Try The Cargo Scrubs!

If you’re looking for that perfect set of medical scrubs, you’ve come to the right place by choosing Blue Sky Co. Our scrubwear is super comfy, soft, stretchy and comes in all kinds of colors and styles to match your personal preferences. But what if you need all of that- plus extra pockets! If you’re having trouble carrying around your phone, wallet, keys and everything else you need to have on you while you’re working- its time you learn about the Cargo Scrubs!

The Same Great Fabrics

If you’re worried that we’ll sacrifice the comfort we usually offer in favor of the functionality of the Cargo Scrubs- don’t worry! These scrubs are made with the same amazing fabrics that we make our other scrubwear with. To be more specific, the Cargo Scrubs are made with 94% polyester and 6% spandex, making them super comfy with an extra stretch to help you move around more comfortably while you work.

Tons Of Pockets!

Now for the thing that really sets the Cargo Scrubs apart. When you put on the Cargo Scrub Top and Cargo Scrub Pants together, you’ll have a total of thirteen pockets! With space like that, there’s no way you’ll have to leave anything essential behind in a locker or another room. Now you’ll be able to walk around work with everything you need right there in your pockets!

Make It Your Own

Just like our other scrubs, the Cargo Scrubs are open to all kinds of customization to make them look exactly how you need them to. You can choose your color between wine, black, royal blue, navy and surgical green. Express yourself however you see fit in these fantastic new scrubs!

To order the Cargo Scrubs today, or to take a look at the rest of the scrubwear and accessories that we have available, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.