Need a Lanyard? Blue Sky Has You Covered

Need a Lanyard? Blue Sky Has You Covered

Lanyards are good for more than just holding your keys or name badge! With the right lanyard, you can show off your personality and style! Below, read about five of our luxurious lanyards and find out which one suits you best! And there are many more lanyards where these came from, so we’re sure you’ll find one to love!

Our first lanyard, Circus, is made up of the brightest, most vibrant primary colored beads. Alternating specks of white and black on the beads create a unique and fun look! Children especially will love talking about this lanyard.

Peppermint is constructed of white beads with swirls of red that truly remind you of a candy cane- or peppermint candy. It’s that time of year; why not give your scrub outfit a festive look with this adorable lanyard?

Craving warmer weather or a beach vacation? Beachside is a lanyard that will surely remind you of both! Beautiful beads of sky blue and bright yellow decorate this perfect lanyard. You’ll be dreaming of your next beach trip, or what your summer will be made of!

This lanyard is sure to be your favorite yet. Eddington Ebony is made up of black beads with gorgeous, petite roses. It perfectly matches a pair of Jet Black or Light Pink scrubs.

Finally, Kauai Island. This lanyard is one of our favorites! It’s made of puka beads and it looks stunning with any set of scrubs! Contrast these bright white beads with a set of Crimson Red or French Lilac scrubs and you’ll look amazing!

Blue Sky Co. is proud to bring you the most modern, stylish, durable scrubwear on the market- and wonderful accessories, too! Shop our brand and you’ll never go back, that’s for sure! You can view our entire collection of scrubwear and scrub accessories online at!