More Than Scrubs: Lab Coats and Accessories From Blue Sky

There are plenty of companies out there who sell scrubs- but here at Blue Sky Co., we try to offer more than just your average medical scrubs. We make our scrubs with only the finest fabrics available and we offer lab coats and accessories like hats and lanyards to help give you an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident every time you put it on!

Lab Coats

When you’re working in a hospital or other medical environment, lab coats can help give you a professional appearance, but they’re also very practical, especially if it's cold where you work. Luckily, we have our Preston and Bradford lab coats ready for you! Each is made with 100% cotton, and they also repel and release any stains to help keep you looking fresh and clean all day long!


Add a splash of color and style to your work outfit with a Blue Sky lanyard! They come in a wide variety of different colors for you to choose from so that you can get one to match your outfit perfectly! Each lanyard also has a pair of matching earrings to make your outfit pop even more.

Scrub Hats

Lastly, our scrub hats are here to top off any custom outfit with unique flavor! With hundreds of color options available for women and dozens of options for men, there’s no way you won’t be able to find a hat that you’ll fall in love with right away! Every single hat on our website is guaranteed to be comfortable, soft, and of course machine washable for your convenience.

When all of these options are available to accessorize your outfit, how can you choose to stain in plain old scrubs? To view our lab coats and accessories yourself, or to see our other scrubwear, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.