Men and Women: Accessorize Your Scrubs

Men and Women: Accessorize Your Scrubs

Sometimes, our medical uniforms can become a tad bit mundane… what with the same color schemes, the same shades of blue- we’re bound to grow bored overtime. That’s why medical scrub accessories are so important! They help put the sleek and sheen back into your outfit, the pep back into your step!

Scrub Hat Patterns for Men

Scrub hats are an essential part of our uniforms; they help to keep everything out of the way, promoting a more sanitary environment. But they don’t need to bore us! Check out this Bon Voyage scrub hat for men, and fall in love. It would go great with any color of scrubs, and would put a smile on your patients’ and coworkers’ faces! You could also try out this inspiring scrub cap- it would definitely become a favorite among patients, and hopefully you!

Luxurious Lab Coats for Women

It’s not all about scrub caps, although they certainly do help spruce up your outfit. You could also try out one of our luxurious lab coats from Blue Sky Co.! Our Preston and Bradford Twill lab coats were designed to impress, and that’s what they do! Made from the finest fabrics, these coats are unbelievably soft and feature a modern, european design. What’s not to love?

Polos and Undershirts for Everyone

Blue Sky Co. has the perfect polos and undershirts to keep you comfortable throughout your shift. Undershirts help to absorb sweat and keep our scrubs from staining, but they can also keep us warm in chilly work environments- therefore they’re a must have. Try out the infamous Aston Stretch Polo, or our undershirts offered here at Blue Sky Co. Then tell us how comfy and at ease you felt on your shift. You won’t regret your purchase!