Meet Blue Sky’s Most Functional Scrubs Yet

Meet Blue Sky’s Most Functional Scrubs Yet

Those of us at Blue Sky Co. are proud to introduce you to our newest, most functional scrubs yet! Today we’ll discuss the Piper and Logan scrub tops, and their Peyton and Landon counterparts! Our Cargo scrubs are perfect for stashing all of your personal items on the go, and our Logan two pocket scrub top is a staple for any wardrobe! Let’s dive a little deeper into this brand new scrubwear!

The Piper and Peyton

First, let’s talk fabrics. The Piper scrub top is made of 94% polyester and 6% spandex. It’s super stretchy, and ultra flattering! And if you want pocket space, these are the scrubs you should go with. The Piper scrub top offers five open pockets and one zippered pocket. Pair this top with our brand new Peyton Cargo pants, and you’ll be able to carry everything with you. And aside from all of that pocket space, the Peyton pants fit and feel like athletic pants; you’ll be as comfy as ever!

The Logan and Landon

We also have the new Logan two pocket scrub top, and our new Landon trouser scrub pants! They fit so well together that we hate to separate the two! These scrubs are extremely light and stretchy, making them the perfect work or after work companion! You can sport them to work, or lounge around in them on the weekends. It’s up to you! But they’re definitely a must have for your work wardrobe.

Blue Sky Co. is always looking for new ways to spice up your work wardrobe! We offer a wide variety of cool shades so that you can show off your personal style, and you’ll find even more ways to do this by donning one of our perfect scrub caps! Just head to our website today and explore our collection of wonderful medical attire!