Medical Scrubs: Different Prints for Different Professionals

For the longest time, people in the medical field didn’t have many options when it came to wardrobe. For some, getting ready for work meant wearing dull, classic-colored scrubs day in and day out. For others, going to work meant wearing heels and dresses, despite the fact that they were standing on their feet all day – not to mention saving lives. 

Thankfully, fashion has shifted, and with it resulted many more options for medical wear, most of which are a lot more comfortable, flexible, and not to mention “fun,” than the previous choices. Here are a few different types of scrubs you can select, fit for every type of profession and every type of person!

Sleek and Simple

Even our most classic styles have a modern flair. Whether you go with a classic blue or green, or select something from our Grey Label, the more fashionable and European cut line, we have the perfect scrubs for the busy professional who wants a clean, no-nonsense look that’s fit for any occasion.

Holiday and Seasonal

Some departments and offices allow patterned scrubs and some people just can’t get enough of them! Some of our most coveted patterned pieces are the ones that showcase seasons, holidays, and the wearer’s fantastic personality! With options to celebrate holidays, changing seasons, and favorite characters, we have the best “fun” scrubs to help turn everyday into a celebration.


Sometimes the perfect pair of scrubs are the ones not yet created. We know that the best way to showcase your personality is to do just that! We offer custom scrubs so you can find the perfect pair right from your imagination. Whether you’re looking for a specific pattern, want to rock your monogram, or have an idea that will turn a normal pair of scrubs into a work of art, we can help you create the perfect pair.

So whatever your profession, whatever your department, and whatever your personality, we have the perfect pair of scrubs that look good, feel great, and can express who you are, all within the guidelines of your job. For the ultimate scrub cap visit