Medical Scrubs and Group Purchasing at Blue Sky Scrubs

Medical Scrubs and Group Purchasing at Blue Sky Scrubs

At Blue Sky Co., we try to make everything simple and easy for our customers! That’s why we offer services such as order customization, and also group ordering! Today we’ll discuss the process of placing a group order, and we’ll tell you all about our line of scrubwear. We believe that our scrubs are superior to other brands in their make, fit, and incredibly soft fabrics!

Medical Scrubs from Blue Sky Co.

Our classic Shelby and David scrubs were made perfectly for you (and don’t forget they can be customized, too!). Both designs are wrinkle and fade-resistant, will not shrink, and are tailored to fit you- and only you. For women, our Grey Label scrubs offer a slimmer fit. So if that’s what you’re in need of, find them here! We also have a new line of Technical scrubs out; they’re soft, stretchy, and offer plenty of pocket space! Find them here.

Group Ordering Through Blue Sky Co.

Now that you know all about our scrubs, let’s place a group order! We’re happy to make group orders as simple as possible at Blue Sky Co. In order to do this, we assign a corporate account specialist to your transaction so that we can personalize your experience, and help to meet all of your needs! Doesn’t that sound easy peasy? We think so.

What’s better? When you purchase a minimum of 15 sets of scrubs, we happily offer you a discount! Just note that one scrub set is one top, and one pant. And if you need help placing a large order, simply download our order form, complete it, and email it to’ll handle everything else!

Happy with your selections? We’re glad! Log onto our website anytime to view our collection of stunning scrubwear and scrub accessories. Go on, you know you want to!