Make Your Patients Smile With Vibrant Scrub Colors

Make Your Patients Smile With Vibrant Scrub Colors

Imagine changing your work day just by branching out from the traditional blue scrubs and into a brighter, more vibrant color! Scrub colors do have an effect on your moods, and the moods of your patients, too! We can help them to feel calm or welcome, all with our scrub uniforms. Let’s take a look at the many colors Blue Sky Co. has to offer and how they might affect our patients.

Crimson Wine

Ah, crimson wine… we just love this color! This deep red or maroon shade is perfect for adding color to your day.

French Lilac

French Lilac is a soothing, lavender shade that’s certain to calm the anxious patient, or brighten up your wardrobe! It looks beautiful in our Shelby style, with white designer stitching.


If you’re looking for a brighter shade of blue, this one’s for you. Caribbean will make you feel like you’re headed for the ocean! Hopefully your patients get the same calming, soothing vibe.

Marisol Gold

This is a bright yellow color that’s perfect for cheering up a disheartened patient, or adding a splash of color in those bland hallways! This flattering shade will certainly brighten up your day- easily!

Jet Black

Jet Black is known for giving off a sense of confidence and authority. If you’re looking to instill these characteristics in your patients, this is a great shade to go with. It also matches any Halloween cap; put a smile on your patient’s face with a spooky work uniform!

If you’re looking for more scrubs, scrub colors, and styles, head on over to our website today! Blue Sky Co. has everything you need when it comes to your scrub uniform- even accessories like lanyards and scrub caps! We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick glance at our favorite scrub colors and that you go on to find more!