Maintaining the Brand-New Look of Your Scrubs

Maintaining the Brand-New Look of Your Scrubs

There’s nothing like putting on that brand new pair of scrubs and feeling so vibrant and luxurious as you walk into work. You want as many shifts out of those scrubs as you can get. Not only that, though, you want them to keep looking so incredible throughout all of those shifts, right? That’s why we’re here -- to give you the best tips on maintaining that brand-new look. For iconic womens scrubs shop online today. 

1.Pre-Wash, Wash, and Dry Them Correctly

The first step to washing any clothing (but especially scrubs) is to read the instructions on their label! Pre-washing them will help to settle their colors, elongating that vibrance we were talking about. Furthermore, following the proper instructions will help to reduce any damage in the future (add vinegar for sanitation, or bleach if necessary).

We don’t want to go against any instructions on their tags, but many fabrics cannot be put into a dryer for a variety of reasons. If this applies to your medical scrubs, make sure you hang them up to dry so the fabric will stay as perfect as it was when you first bought them.

2.Clean and Avoid Stains

Staying on top of any stains that may occur with a spot treatment pen, or a mixture of hydrogen peroxide/baking soda (whichever is the most safe and convenient for on-the-job stain treatment) will help to avoid any permanent stains or damage to the fabric.

If you use an iron to keep your scrubs looking professional, sleek, and of course wrinkle-free, you’ll definitely want to ensure that all stains are cared for prior to ironing. Heat can often cause stains to set permanently and we certainly wouldn’t want that!

3.Choose Durable, High-Quality Scrubs

This is a no brainer! Start with a set of our Blue Sky scrubs. Our line of medical scrubs is made with durable, long-lasting fabric that is not only comfortable and flexible, but breathable too! Look professional, feel luxurious with any of our specialty medical scrubs.