Machine Dryer vs Line Drying: What's Better For Your Scrubs

Doing your laundry can be time consuming, and if you’re a busy medical professional with a packed schedule, it can seem impossible to find the time. One thing that makes it easier is using a machine dryer as opposed to line drying. But what are the consequences? Let’s take a closer look at the difference between machine drying and line drying, and the effects these methods can have on your scrubs.

Line Drying vs Machine Drying

Machine drying can be convenient, but it might not always be the best for your scrubs. Just a few trips through the dryer can cause your scrubs to fade from the heat, or possibly even shrink. Abrasion may also occur when clothes rub against each other in the dryer, breaking threads and fading colors even more. If you love the way your scrubs look, you probably want to keep them looking that way. If you’ve been searching for a better way to dry them than the machine dryer, we’re happy to say your search is over!

It might seem like too much work, but line drying is actually very simple and you’ll be happy with the results right away. When it comes to line drying, all you have to do is use a room that gets some sunlight, or use your backyard or balcony, and just pin your clothes up and let the sun do the rest of the work! Once you try it you’ll see that it's really not much work at all, and your scrubs will maintain a much better condition.

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