Long Lasting Scrubs from Blue Sky Co.

Long Lasting Scrubs from Blue Sky Co.

Purchasing a set of medical scrubs from Blue Sky Co. is a unique, exciting experience! We like to say that Blue Sky scrubs are so luxurious you’ll want to wear them after work, and it’s the truth! Our scrubs are made of the softest, most perfect blend of cotton and polyester; you’ll love every shift in them. So how do we take care of them so that they last through shift after shift, after shift? How do we keep our favorite scrubs around longer? Well, just follow these three simple guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way!

Use Color-Safe Stain Remover

Your scrubs are going to see plenty of rough days- and that means you’ll be dealing with your fair share of stains to remove from that beautiful, luxurious fabric. Make sure your concoction is color-safe in order to preserve the look of your Blue Sky scrubs.

Use a Hot Iron

Using a hot iron after your medical scrubs have dried helps to keep them looking trim and pressed, and it also kills any bacteria that may be hanging out on the fabric! It may take some extra time- but you’ll love how professional you look in your firmly pressed scrubs!

Avoid the Dryer (if you can)

If it’s possible, avoid using the dryer to dry your scrubs. The rigorous heat and constant rubbing against fabric causes extra wear and tear. We know you don’t have all the time in the world, but line drying your medical uniform will also help to prevent shrinkage and colors from fading.

Blue Sky Co. strives for excellence by delivering scrubs that are wrinkle and fade-resistant, will not shrink, and can be customized! Go online today and view our stunning collection of medical attire, from scrubs, to hats, to jackets and vests!