Line Drying Your Scrubs: Why it's Worth It

Line Drying Your Scrubs: Why it's Worth It

We know you work hard and don’t stop very often. We know it’s difficult to get the laundry done for anyone, especially doctors and nurses. And we know that the dry cleaners aren’t always necessary or convenient, even (how many times have you forgotten to pick up your clothing?). But we must reiterate that line drying your scrubs at home is the best way to dry them. Let’s talk about why.

It Prevents Fading

All of that heat can be really harmful to your scrubwear. We’ll talk about why, but one of the first reasons is fading. Scrubs (and other clothing of course) often fade when put through the dryer many times. So let’s avoid this altogether, and set up a line to dry our scrubs on! You can even do this in small spaces, like on a balcony or in the laundry room itself.

It Prevents Abrasion

When your scrubs are in the dryer, they’re rubbing against each other vigorously and when heat is involved, abrasion can occur. This can cause your scrubs to fray and fade even more. Here’s yet another reason why it’s important to keep your prized scrubwear out of the dryer, and hung on your laundry line!

It Increases Longevity

Without the above two things occurring, your scrubs will last much longer. You’ll find that line drying your scrubwear will keep them in optimal shape, and they’ll be around for a very long time! If they’re stiff coming off of the line, you can toss them in the dryer with a fabric sheet for just a few minutes, on a low setting. That should do the trick!

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