Let's Talk Laundry: Washing Medical Scrubs

Let's Talk Laundry: Washing Medical Scrubs

When you work in the medical field, keeping your scrubs clean for each and every shift is top priority! That’s why it’s so important to develop a laundry routine that properly sanitizes your scrub sets while preserving the quality of their fabrics. Below we’ll review a few basic steps to effectively launder your medical scrubs!

  1. Prewash After Purchasing

After you purchase your new scrubs, before wearing them to work, run them through a prewash cycle first! This helps both the fabric and dye last longer.

  1. Wash Scrubs Separately

For sanitary purposes, wash your scrub sets in separately from other laundry. This keeps stains from bleeding onto other clothing and will more properly disinfect your scrubs.

  1. Add Vinegar to the Load

Try adding a cup of vinegar to the load. Its pungent smell won’t last beyond the wash, so don’t worry! It will help to sanitize your laundry, serve as a fabric softener to keep your scrubs soft and comfortable, and it’s completely safe for the environment.

  1. Wash as Large Load, on Cold Setting

Always wash your scrubs on the large load setting, with cold water. Adding more water to the load will give your scrubs more space to move around, and the cold will keep them from shrinking. Cold water also preserves dye and prevents it from bleeding/merging with other colors in the pattern.

  1. Hang to Dry

Lastly, hang your scrubs up to dry if possible. Using a dryer is efficient and time-saving, but the heat can damage our clothing or cause material to shrink. Once your scrubs are dry, consider using a hot iron to rid the fabric of any wrinkles.

There you have it! Start off on the right foot, and keep your Blue Sky scrubs in tip top shape! Your Blue Sky scrubs are made with beautiful, luxurious fabric that’s meant to last! To view our fabulous collection of fashionable medical uniforms, visit our website today!