Layering Your Scrubs For Cold Weather

With winter already here, we hope you have something cozy to wear that’ll get you comfortably through the season. But what about at work? A lot of hospitals or surgical rooms can get very cold, and you should have the proper scrubwear and layers to withstand it, whether you’re at work or outside! Let’s talk about how you should layer your Blue Sky Scrub outfit to best withstand your day.

Start With Baselayers

When it comes to layering for warmth, you should start of course, with the baselayer. We have a wonderful selection of base layers for both men and women to choose from, so you should have no problem finding the right one for you. Try out the Hudson baselayer or the Tyler Hooded Long Sleeved Tee, those are some of our favorites for staying warm.

Scrub Tops

Now we come to your second layer for getting through your chilly day, the scrub top. Now there are a ton of scrub tops to choose from with Blue Sky, so don’t get overwhelmed. If you’re new and haven’t purchased scrubs from us before, we recommend that you try out the Classic David or Classic Shelby scrub tops, simple choices that are certain to keep you warm and comfortable, especially with a base layer underneath and one of our beloved softshell jackets on top.

Cozy Softshell Jackets

Last but certainly not least, make sure you take a good look at our softshell jackets, specially made to keep you warm on or off the shift, and perfect when paired with a comfortable scrub top and base layer. Some of these jackets are fleece-lined for your comfort, some are weatherproof, and they’re all designed to keep you warm! And keep in mind, if you ever get too warm on the job, just remove a layer! That’s the idea behind layering, you can control your body temperature for whatever you need! So what are you waiting for, visit the Blue Sky Co. website and prepare yourself for the cold days ahead!