Layering and Cargo Scrubs: Adding Pockets With Blue Sky

A lot of people in the medical industry, whether they’re working at a hospital or any other medical facility, find that one of the day-to-day problems they face is not having enough pockets in their clothing. You might be experiencing this without even knowing about it. Are you ever on your way to do something at work, but then you realize that you need to go get something out of your locker first because it wasn’t in your already full pockets? If this has ever happened to you, you need more pocket space! Here’s how Blue Sky can help.

Layering For More Pockets

Layering your scrubs is a great idea for staying warm, but it's more than that! If you add a Blue Sky base layer like the Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee under your scrubs, you’re also giving yourself extra pocket space! Wallets, phones, headphones, keys, anything you need to carry will have a perfect, safe place underneath your scrubs!

Our Bradford and Preston lab coats are another great way to add pockets and a stylish, professional look for your outfit! These fantastic lab coats both come with two large pockets. And if you pair your lab coats with scrubs AND an undershirt, you won’t be running out of pockets any time soon!

Cargo Scrubs For More Pockets

Still not satisfied? If you need even more pocket options than what we mentioned above, try on the Cargo Scrubs! With the scrub pants and the scrub top combined, you’ll have a total of 13 pockets! These scrubs are perfect if you need the extra pocket space but your hospital isn’t cold enough for layering, or maybe you really do need all 13 pockets!

Hopefully these options help you out at work when you have a lot of items to carry around for long periods of time. To check out all of our scrubwear and amazing accessories, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.