Keeping Your Lab Coat from Looking Dull

Keeping Your Lab Coat from Looking Dull

White lab coats are an essential part of the medical wardrobe- bright, white lab coats. However, if we’re having to wear them during our shifts, the white can become faded and begin looking dull over time. It’s not easy to keep their color looking as crisp and fresh as when they were new, but with the right care and taking the proper steps, we can help you achieve that look again.

Stay Away from Stains

It’s virtually impossible to keep your coat clean at all times as stains are bound to happen. We all have those days where it feels like we can’t stop dropping everything! If a spill occurs, it’s important to remember to treat it as soon as you’re able to. The sooner the spill is cleaned up, the less likely a stain is to set.

Take Care When Washing and Drying

Following simple laundry tips like separating your whites from your darks is always a good call when it comes to washing your lab coat. This keeps any colors from bleeding over onto the white and making it anything except white!

Just as with medical scrubs, it’s important to watch the setting you dry your clothes on, too. High heat can sometimes damage the fibers in certain fabrics and will definitely take the bright white shine out of your pristine lab coat.

Feel Free to Reach for the Bleach

Finally, when it comes to keeping the fabric as white as possible, soak your coat(s) in warm water with one cup of oxygen-based bleach. Then, just wash them as usual (in warm-hot water) with your favorite detergent.

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