Keeping Your Lab Coat Bright and White

Keeping Your Lab Coat Bright and White

Lab coats are well known for being bright white, but in the medical industry, it can be difficult to keep them that way. Not only are we prone to staining our beautiful coats, but everyday use also attributes to wear and tear! Here’s how to keep blood and sweat stains off of your lab coat, ensuring that it stays bright and white!

Blood Stains

Fortunately for us, since lab coats are already pretty bright white, bleaching is totally a-ok! Most of us have a jug of bleach lying around in the laundry room. But for fresh blood stains, you can rinse them first with cool water. Then apply hydrogen peroxide, letting it sit for several minutes. Finally, launder your lab coat as normal. If the blood stain still appears, re-apply the hydrogen peroxide!

Sweat Stains

Don’t fret over sweat stains! Instead, start by gathering the following (we promise, it’s easy!): 1 Cup of vinegar, ½ Cup of baking soda, and 1 tablespoon each of salt and hydrogen peroxide.

First you’ll spend at least twenty minutes soaking the lab coat in a bowl with your vinegar and two cups of water. Then mix together the rest of the ingredients until they form a paste. How does this work? Well, the hydrogen peroxide works to whiten your lab coat, while the salt mixture helps to lift the sweat stains.

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