Keep Your Scrub Colors Looking Vibrant with These 5 Tips From Blue Sky Scrubs

Keep Your Scrub Colors Looking Vibrant with These 5 Tips From Blue Sky Scrubs

We all know how disappointing it can be when our  favorite colored scrubs begin to fade, and not look as new anymore. But fortunately there are several things we can to prevent fabric from fading so that our scrubs look as vibrant as the day we received them! Just follow these five simple tips:

Turn Your Scrubs Inside Out

Sure, it adds one more step to your laundry routine, but turning your scrubs inside out will help preserve their colors, and you’ll be happier in the long run!

Wash in Cold Water

Did you know that not only is cold water good for your laundry, but it’s also good for the environment? It’s true! Always wash your beautiful, colored scrubs in cold as it keeps colors from fading and bleeding.

Read Washing Instructions

Check the tag on your scrubs! Cold water only, tumble dry low? Does this sound familiar? Your scrubs may tell you how to take care of them.

Use the Correct Settings on Your Washer

Make sure you’re adjusting the settings on your washing machine to properly suit your scrubs. If they’re not that dirty, don’t use a high soil setting; all you’re doing is adding extra wear and tear on the garments!

Utilize White Vinegar

Try adding half a cup of white vinegar to your load to properly sanitize your scrubs, prevent fading, and neutralize odors. As a plus, white vinegar is completely safe for the environment!

We hope these five tips help your scrub colors last much longer than you ever predicted they would! Follow these guidelines, and we’re sure you’ll be wearing the brightest scrubs around. And speaking of the brightest scrubs around, don’t forget to check out Blue Sky Co.’s collection of revolutionary scrubwear; you’ll find classic scrubs in a wide variety of colors- and they’re luxuriously comfortable, too!  We also have disposable scrubs hats available online. Our location is 2209 Donley Dr. Austin, Texas 78758