Keep Your Lab Coat Shining White

Keep Your Lab Coat Shining White

When you first purchase your lab coat, it’s sparkling white. So white you can barely believe it! But as time goes on, it may begin to become a bit discolored. Of course, discoloration over time is only natural, but there are ways to keep that coat looking sharp and professionally white! Let’s talk about how, and of course, brag a bit about lab coats from  Blue Sky Co.!

Treat Stains ASAP

Treating stains as soon as an accident occurs is your best bet for preventing the stain from becoming permanent! Use a stain stick if you’re on the go, then launder your coat as soon as you get home.

Wash on a Regular Basis

Wash your lab coat on the regular to remove body oils and other substances. Just be sure to follow proper washing instructions. Use the hottest heat setting your lab coat can withstand, and preferably, a strong detergent like Tide. Remember to separate your coats from colored laundry to prevent colors from bleeding onto your coat.

Rotate Your Lab Coats Throughout the Week

It’s best to have multiple lab coats so that you can change them out throughout the week. This will of course lessen wear and tear on all of your coats- and it will also give you more options for your wardrobe!

Lab Coats from Blue Sky Co.

Blue Sky Co. has two types of lab coats: the Preston Twil, and the Bradford Twill. Both are unbelievably soft and made out of 100% cotton twill fabric. They feature the European white collar that looks so stunning, and have technology that repels and releases stains- making it even easier to keep your coat clean throughout your shift. Wash Blue Sky coats in cold water, and tumble dry them on the low setting. We also carry a full line of  technical stretch scrubs

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