Keep the Pep in Your Step Throughout the Entire Shift- blue sky scrubs

Keep the Pep in Your Step Throughout the Entire Shift- blue sky scrubs

Your shifts are marathons, not sprints. You put in hard work all day long because you’ve no choice; the work you do is beyond important. So, how do you keep your energy up for your patients? How do you make it last throughout your entire shift? There are quite a few things you can do to make sure you keep going at a steady pace all day long. Just follow these few guidelines and you’ll be good to go, go, go!

Wear Appropriate Shoes

Ill-fitting shoes can cause pains in the back, feet, legs, and knees. Make sure you’re wearing the appropriate shoes for the amount of walking you do throughout your shift. Try running shoes- they’re meant to last through many miles, and are very comfortable.

Eat Right, Feel Right

Eating the right food on your shift will help keep your energy and motivation up! Go for snacks filled with protein, versus sugary snacks and foods high in carbs, or fast food. You’ll thank yourself later… or all day long! You’ll also set a great example for your coworkers.

Pace Yourself

Know your limits, and be kind to your body! Most people crash in the afternoons and evenings, but depending on your shift, this could vary. Know when you’re ready to crash, and in those instances, munch on some peanuts or another protein-packed snack; it’ll help bring on a second wind!

Wear Luxurious Scrubs

When you dress well, you feel well! Suit up in a set of scrubs from Blue Sky Co., and you’ll feel great. Our scrubs are designed to keep you comfortable all day long; they’re lightweight, breathable, and made of the softest fabric we could find. Check out our collection of amazing scrubs and accessories online today- you won’t regret it!