Keep Fabric Colors From Fading With These Simple Tips

Keep Fabric Colors From Fading With These Simple Tips

 So you’ve just ordered your new set of Blue Sky Co.’s Shelby scrubs in the beautiful color of seraphina strawberry. It’s such a vibrant and exuberant color, you’d hate to see it fade away! Well, fortunately for you, we have three great tips to help your colors stay in their prime condition. Read on!

Give Your Scrubs a Pre-Wash

When you first unpackage your new scrubs, it’s best to start off by sending them through a pre-wash cycle. Fill the tub up as much as possible to give your scrubs plenty of space to room, and add ½ cup of cleaning white vinegar to the load for sanitization. Doing so will help the colors to set in, and last longer. It’s a simple step, isn’t it?

Avoid Using the Dryer

The best possible advice we can give when it comes to caring for your medical scrubs is to line dry them instead of using the dryer. This leads to less abrasion, and not to mention- the dryer is notorious for causing colors to fade and clothing to show more wear and tear. It’s best to hang up a clothesline or somehow air dry your scrubs!

Save Scrubs for Work

This last one might seem sort of intuitive, but yes, it’s very helpful. Save your scrubs for work only. Obviously our scrubs are really comfortable, and you’ll like them so much that you’ll want to wear them after work. But we urge you to preserve them. The less frequently your scrubs are worn, the longer their colors will last!

For more information on our fantastic scrubwear, feel free to go online and visit our website. Once there, you’ll find several different types of scrubwear, and even scrub accessories to help you spruce up your work uniform! Happy shopping!