Keep Cool in the Summer with Blue Sky Scrubs

Keep Cool in the Summer with Blue Sky Scrubs

Summer’s here, and it’s definitely heating up outside! We can feel it on our walks into work, and even after our shifts. The mosquitos are reappearing and things are just generally becoming uncomfortable… but not in our Blue Sky scrubs! Medical scrubs and attire from Blue Sky Co. are designed to keep you cool and comfy throughout your shift, and even outside the walls of the hospital! Let’s explore our cool, refreshing collection- we guarantee you’ll love what you find!

Exquisitely Tailored Shelby Scrubs

These scrubs will blow your mind with how comfortable they are! Our Classic Shelby scrubs are a wardrobe-requirement! They’re lightweight and breathable, and tailored with a slim fit. You’ll notice a difference between these scrubs and other brands, as they’re exceptionally soft, and made with the finest fabrics in the world. Available in several vibrant summer colors, you’ll fall in love with not only the style and fit, but the entire brand.

David and Sullivan Scrubs, Perfect for Summertime

Men, we haven’t left you out! Our David scrubs will meet all of your requirements- and if they don’t customization is available of course! But we believe you’ll love them right off the bat. They’re tailored for a relaxed fit in the chest, and slim down at the waist for comfort and style. So relax and stay cool with these slate grey scrubs!

If you’re searching for a slim fit, Sullivan scrubs are perfect for you! They’re sleek, slim, and best of all- simple. Why complicate things, right? Especially when it comes to your work wardrobe. These scrubs will also keep you cool with their lightweight fabric blend of cotton and polyester. They look modern, stylish, and will fit you flawlessly!

Sound great, sound cool? Stop by our website today and view the rest of our collection of scrubs and other accessories!