Jacket or Vest? Which Will You Choose?

Jacket or Vest? Which Will You Choose?

It’s time to get your work wardrobe ready for the fall, for cooler temperatures and longer sleeves! Don’t be intimidated; Blue Sky Co. has everything you need to get your wardrobe into shape! But which will it be this season: jacket, or vest? Both keep you warm, but it’s all up to personal preference! Let’s take a quick glance at just a snippet of Blue Sky Co.’s collection!

Kensington Softshell Vest

We’re certain that this vest will absolutely blow you away. It’s made out of the softest materials (100% polyester) and of course, there aren’t any sleeves to get in your way- if that’s your thing. On the inside, this vest is lined with fleece, so you’ll stay plenty warm! Layer it over your scrubs or over a Blue Sky baselayer. Either way, you’ll look fabulous!

Bailey Knit Softshell Jacket

Let’s move onto jackets, shall we? We’ll start with our Bailey Knit softshell jacket! Available in professional shades like black, charcoal, royal blue, and navy, this jacket is a staple for your wardrobe for sure! And best of all: it has an abundance of pocket space, with two inner and two outer pockets! Layer that over your scrubs and you’ll have even more space.

Chessington Lightweight Stretch Jacket

You won’t have to worry about sleeves getting in your way with this jacket! It has comfortable cuffs at the sleeves so that when you’re in a rush, you won’t have to worry about them! It’s lightweight, and has 4-way stretch for ultimate mobility! You’ll be able to move wherever you please in this jacket, and at whatever speed you need.

So, jacket, or vest, or how about both? Head on over to our website today to find exactly what you need for this upcoming season! We hope you have a great time shopping