It's Time to Ditch Your Winter Wardrobe

It's Time to Ditch Your Winter Wardrobe

It’s time to ditch your winter wardrobe! Spring is just around the corner and with it, we’re updating our medical wardrobes with bright, colorful shades of scrubs! Let’s check out our Classic collection for women, and find the brightest, most vibrant colors to put a little spring in your step! Get ready to ditch your winter wardrobe and try out these colors. You’re bound to fall in love with them, just like we did!

We’re starting with French Lilac because it’s one of our favorite hues for scrubs. It’s a soothing, pastel purple that’s bound to have a calming effect on your most nervous patients. It’s also a perfect color for spring, and Easter!

A pastel green shade, Chloe Jade, is a great choice in scrub colors. When it comes to the springtime, go pastel and you can’t go wrong!

If you’re looking to really stand out in the white hospital hallways, Marisol Gold is perfect for you! It’s bright, sunny, and sure to put a smile on your patients’ faces! You’ll love it, too.

Pine Green is great for spring! Envision pine trees blowing in the wind. Pine green will certainly take you away to that forest you’ve been wanting to explore! Take a break with these scrubs and you’ll feel much more relaxed- and comfortable.

We just love Pink Sorbet! Another pastel color, this shade is absolutely fitting for spring. It also looks great layered with one of our white Windsor Long Sleeved Crew Neck Tees!

Don’t you just love these colors? We sure do! And we can’t wait for you to try them out. Log online today to our website and you’ll find even more colors for your scrubs! You’ll also find accessories, like lab coats, jackets, vests, lanyards, and much more!