Introducing The Everly Scrub Top

Here at Blue Sky Co., we love our classic and traditional scrub outfits for their time-tested look and feel that always provides comfort and a professional appearance. But we know that sometimes you want something new in your wardrobe, something different to try out- let us introduce our Everly ¾ Sleeve Scrub Top:

What It’s Made Of

We’ll get into what makes the Everly Scrub Top so different in just a minute, but first, here’s why it’s just as comfortable as some of our other choices. It’s still made of the same fantastic midleasure fabric, the perfect combination of scrubwear and athletic wear. That means this scrub top is soft, stretchy, flexible, everything you could ever want in a scrub top.

How It Fits

The unique part of the Everly Scrub Top is the fit of the sleeves. At work, some people have issues with long sleeves getting the way of their hands or restricting their wrists while they’re trying to work, but a short sleeve might leave you too chilly, and that’s why we’ve made these sleeves ¾ length, the perfect size for warmth without restricting the way you work. Now let’s talk about the feel!

How It Feels

We know that as soon as you try it on, you won’t want to take it off. It feels just as great as it looks, with 94% polyester and 6% spandex to give it a comfortable stretchiness that allows you to move around however you need. If it’s so comfortable that you want to wear it every day, be sure to buy a second one! You won’t regret it.

If the Everly Scrub Top has peaked your interest, but you haven’t checked out our other options, why stop at this one? Go ahead and visit the Blue Sky Co. website and take a look at our full collection!