Increasing the Lifespan of Your Scrubs

Increasing the Lifespan of Your Scrubs

Wear and tear happens, but there’s actually quite a few things we can do to increase the lifespan of our favorite scrubs. Follow these simple rules from Blue Sky Co., and they’ll help you get started on the right path to saving your scrubs for many shifts to come! So let’s talk about what it takes: avoiding the heat, avoiding the streets, and washing, washing, washing!

Avoid Using the Dryer

The dryer’s heat can actually do a lot to damage the fabric of your scrubs, as well as cause fading and discoloration. Abrasion can occur, too. So skip the dryer and line dry your scrubs, instead! You can tumble dry them on the lowest setting when they’re dry to regain that softness.

Wear Scrubs Only at Work

It helps to save your scrubs for work only, and try not to wear them on the weekends, as much as you may want to! Obviously the less we wear our scrubs, the longer they will last us. So make sure you’re toting them home from work in a safe bag to keep them protected, and wash them carefully! Always follow the washing instructions on the care label.

Pre-Wash Your Scrubs

Always start off on the right foot. When you first purchase your scrubs, give them a good pre-wash. This will not only help the colors to set in properly but it’ll completely sanitize them, and help prolong their lifespan. Just fill the tub up with a little extra water and add ½ C white vinegar to help with the sanitization.

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