How to Treat Your Blue Sky Scrubs

How to Treat Your Blue Sky Scrubs

Need help taking better care of your scrubs? No problem. Below you’ll find seven expert tips on keeping your scrubs in tip top shape- and treating them like you love them, because we know you do.

Start With Quality Scrubs

Yes, it’s always best to start with a set of high quality scrubs. You know that old saying, “You get what you pay for?” Well, it’s true, especially when it comes to clothing. Scrubs are no exception!

Pre-Wash Your Scrubs

Give your medical scrubs a good ‘ol prewashing before you wear them. Wash them in a load with extra water, and half a cup of white vinegar to properly sanitize them. Prewashing your scrubs helps the colors to set in and stay nice and vibrant!

Separate Darks from Lights

This may be the oldest rule in the book, but we still must remind you! Wash light colored scrubs separately from dark colored scrubs to prevent the colors from bleeding onto one another.

Hang Them Out to Dry

Line drying may not be as efficient as machine drying, but it sure is kinder to your scrubs! Sometimes the heat of the dryer damages the fabric or causes it to fade.

Follow Washing Instructions

Before doing anything, read the care label on your scrubs. Check for warnings like cold water only, or tumble dry on low. It could save you a ton of trouble down the road!

Check for Stains Before Drying

Before tossing your scrubs into the dryer or hanging them up, check for remaining stains. If a stain is still present, treat it again, and then launder as normal. Drying your scrubs without doing this could make the stain permanent!

We started off by advising you start with high quality scrubs. Try out Blue Sky Co.’s stunning, stylish, and professional collection of scrubwear and scrub accessories! They’re luxurious, comfortable, durable, customizable- everything you’d ever want in your scrubs.