How To Sterilize Your Scrubs

How To Sterilize Your Scrubs

When it comes to washing our medical scrubs, there are many things we can do to not only keep their colors vibrant, but also keep them sterilized and ready for work! Today we’re going to cover what it takes to properly sterilize your scrubs, and show off a our line of excellent medical attire as well! Read on to find out more.

Keep Scrubs Separate Until Washed

For sanitary purposes, it’s best to keep your medical scrubs separate from your street clothes until they’ve been washed. It’s also important to wash them separately, as most of the time you’ll be adding other liquids to the washing load (like bleach, vinegar, or pine sol).

Sterilizing Cotton Scrubs

Cotton scrubs can easily be disinfected with chlorine bleach. Pour the bleach into the washer’s dispenser. If you’re adding the bleach directly to the washer’s drum, be sure to dilute it with water. Avoid pouring bleach directly onto clothing.

Other Fabrics & Colored Scrubs

Believe it or not, for other fabrics and colored scrubs, you can use a pine-oil disinfectant. However, this is only effective in hot or warm water. Products such as Lysol Pine Action, or Pine Sol, are great and can be added at the beginning of the load!

Following these steps is bound to help you disinfect your scrubs and kill any germs and bacteria that may have followed you home.

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