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How to Stay Warm in Your Work Environment

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It’s no secret that hospitals are chilly; just imagine having to work in one! Oh wait, you probably do! Well, if you’re having trouble staying warm in your work environment, we have a couple tips for you, and a few products that we think will help out. Just keep reading to learn more!

Layer Your ScrubsWith a Blue Sky Baselayer

For men:

For men, we have four different baselayers: the hudson long sleeved tee, the hayden baselayer, the hampton cotton polo, and the henley stretch polo. Each baselayer was designed with you in mind, and can be worn at work or while you’re lounging during your time off!

For women:

Layering your scrubs is the perfect way to stay warm in a chilly work environment; if you get too warm, you can always remove a layer! For ladies, Blue Sky Co. offers the tyler hooded long sleeved tee, windsor long sleeve tee, and aston stretch polo. Wear them before work, during work, or after work!

Slide Into a Softshell Vest or Jacket

For men:

When it comes to staying warm in the workplace, a vest or jacket could be the way to go. For men, try out our hunter lightweight softshell jacket, or our highland stretch softshell vest. Each jacket/vest is warm, yet breathable and movable all the same.

For women:

Ladies, try out our kensington softshell vest for your comfort and warmth! Vests allow you to move your arms with free ease, making them the optimal choice for work. But jackets will definitely keep you warm and snug. Visit our website to view our entire collection of jackets for women!

These baselayers, vests, and jackets are so versatile and comfortable that you’ll likely want to wear them after work! We truly understand that, and encourage it, even! As long as you’re staying warm, we’re content. We just want to bring you scrubwear that’s comfortable, durable, and professional, too!