How to Prevent Your Stretch Scrubs Fabrics From Fading

How to Prevent Your Stretch Scrubs Fabrics From Fading

How frustrating is it when your  scrubs’ fabrics begin to fade, and no longer look as vibrant? It usually leads to you having to replace your scrubs, which can be costly. Let’s start by preventing our scrubs from fading! We can do this by following these three simple (and easy!) guidelines:

Wash in Cold Water

When it comes to washing your scrubs, cold water is your best bet for protecting your favorite scrub colors. Even if the care label calls for warm water, cold is always best! So fight the urge to use warm water, and fight for vibrant colors!

Follow Instructions on the Care Label

This is a good rule of thumb in general! Always follow the instructions on your scrubs’ care label (unless you’re wanting to preserve their colors- then go with cold water, as we stated above)! Some scrubs can only be dried on the lowest setting. Some scrubs can’t be washed with bleach! You just never know the kind of inconvenience you can avoid by following the instructions on your scrubs’ care label.

Turn Scrubs Inside Out

Sometimes agitation and abrasion can cause our clothing colors to lighten and fade away. But luckily, we can avoid this by turning our scrubs inside out, and letting the agitation affect the side of scrubs that no one sees!

We’re barely scratching the surface here, but we hope you find this helpful! And most importantly, we hope your scrub colors stay bright and vibrant many washes into their lifecycle!

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